Thursday, 13 December 2012

Why Hello There

Thank you for all your kind comments over the weekend - it really touched me. I always think of that adage - a problem shared is a problem halved (is that right?) and think it absolutely applies when you're grieving. You feel less alone. Blogging is good like that. 

This last week, losing my Aunty so suddenly, has made me study life more closely. Re-assess what's important. And think about my own mortality. 

Sally was someone who touched the lives of many people within the community. I am buoyed by the thought that so many people will remember her effervescence and warmth. 

It's a crazy time of year and I feel like I'm spreading myself thin. We're all in the same boat. 

I'm rushing around the city and feeling like I'm not getting any time to myself - but it will happen. I'm taking some time off over Christmas and I can. not. wait. 

Tiny had her Christmas concert at preschool today. I had to employ my tips to help myself from crying. Because right now, if I leak one tear, I'll soon be sitting in a puddle. It was bittersweet - Tiny's starting school next year - I can't quite fathom how we got here so soon. One minute she's a mermaid swimming into the world, the next she's been wearing her school uniform almost all week. She's so excited. 

My Tiny turns five on Sunday. My funny, smart, thoughtful, kind, cheeky Tiny turns five. She's almost not tiny anymore. 

We were going to have a party for her this week, but it felt like too much right now. Emotionally I just can't do it. So we've postponed until January. Someone tell me that's ok. I knew I should have organised it back in September. December babies totally luck out.
Four weeks ago my sister and I started group personal training. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I've really loved having a reason to get up in the morning - to meet with my sister and get our heartbeats up underneath the gum trees before most people have even switched their alarms off. 

Personally it's meant more changes - not just with diet (less alcohol, less sugar, less crap), but it's meant I feel like I get time to spend on me. I think as a mum it's super important. It's valuable to feel valued and it feels good to look after myself. 

What about you? What are you up to? 

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One Flew Over said...

Hi Lex, i meant to reply to your last post but the words (& unfortunately time) escaped me. I was really saddened to hear of your aunty Sal's passing and have seen the affects. So devasting.


Averil said...

Sorry to hear of your auntys passing. The aunt niece relationship can be such an amazing thing. Hope you and your family get through Christmas ok.
Do the January party for Tiny- I've shifted a few celebrations around before!
It's been a busy, rushed few weeks, but the excitement my kids are feeling waiting for Santa is infectious, can't wait for December 24 so it can all begin!

Hannah said...

Currently, being horribly pregnant and stressed cause existing little one won't nap! So really, pulling my hair out!

But, I've finished all my christmas shopping, and got some brand new nail polish in the mail today.. So those thoughts are keeping me going! For now!

Anonymous said...

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Megan.K. said...

Totally ok.
Hugs to you Lexi xxx

evie said...

i am so sorry for your read about your lose lexi. my thoughts go to you and your family at this hard time. i had missed your previous post about your aunty but have now caught up, she sounds like a wonderful person. when i read your words about how she touched so many people in her community it reminded me of you. one of the jobs i freelanced at this year was across the road from a shop called 'lexi nails' i thought of you every time i spied their sign and wondered how your day was going. especially in frocktober - tiny frock duos were a fav. it might have only been a split second thought but it cheered me up, brightened my day. i guess what im rambling about is that we dont often think or know about how our actions touch others in small and positive ways and i just wanted to let you know and to say thank you. i always meant to snap a pic of the 'lexi-nails' sign but never did. AND after reading this post and scrolling down i spotted a very familiar face in your kris kringle finds - you've done it again, brightened my day! have a wonderful birthday weekend, best wishes to tiny! x

theredthread said...

Evie - that is such a gorgeous comment :)

theredthread said...

I hear you on the December birthdays. Roxy's birthday is right after Christmas - such a bad time. For the past couple of years (since she's been old enough to get it and make a decision) we've had a party on her half birthday in the middle of the year. That way it's a lot more spread out for her and she gets a special birthday like everyone else, rather than it being lumped in with Christmas. And all the more special because nobody else she knows has a half birthday!
Hang in there, the end of the year is almost over and you can collapse when you fall over the finish line of Dec 25.