Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Talking and Texting and Driving and Being Distracted and Being an Idiot

Do you ever text while you're driving? Be honest. You can be totes honest here. 

I've been observing drivers lately, when I'm sitting in traffic - because I live in Sydney and there's plenty of traffic in which to observe. 

So many people texting or holding their phone while driving. 

I watched one car in my rear-vision, and could see the woman looking down incessantly to her lap. One guess to what she was doing. I don't think she was sewing a button on her skirt. 

23% of Australian drivers talk or text while driving. That's a little scary when I consider how many people are on the road - and how quickly accidents happen.

I know driving home from work, I sometimes want to chat with someone, because I'm by myself, it's a good time to talk because there are no little people to interrupt, and no distractions. 

No distractions? HUH?? That's crazy isn't it. 

So many distractions on the road.

This is not to give you a rap over the knuckles, dear reader, it's to say: I'm not going to answer my phone or text, or even so much as give my phone a glance when I am in the car, sitting in traffic, bored. 

Instead I will find a good song on the radio and engage in some in-car karaoke. 


Good Golly Miss Holly! said...

I copped a $298 dollar fine for texting and driving a couple of months back. The only thing that suffered more than my pride was my wallet. Ouch! An expensive lesson learnt, but better to learn that way than any other x

ana pedic said...

I was a major idiot, texting, uploading photos, checking Facebook and Twitter. All while driving. Until I got pulled over for talking on the phone, while not using the hands free holder. A $400 fine and the loss of a few points put an immediate stop to that. I am now the karaoke queen of my car, alone or not. Feel stupid that I had to learn the hard way.

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norma said...

is that a for real sign,love no texting or talking,but i do eat icecreams while driving ,probably not good either....

Sophie Kurylowicz said...

I dont touch my phone when im in the car - as much as I want to - its especially tempting on country roads when theres no one about - but car karaoke is the ONLY kind of karaoke Ill do!!

Sarah said...

I had friend's sister recently pass away from a direct head on collusion.. from the other driver - whom was on his phone. Ever since finding out, and the chilling realisation of "it can happen to anyone". I have notice the amount of sydney drivers on their phone. Nothing in more important than your own life and you returning safely home to your loved ones.
Car Karaoke on the other hand - very much acceptable and even more amusing for others to see you doing it! :-)