Monday, 11 February 2013

Grammys:: Kimbra, Gotye, Alexa Chung, Estelle, Faith Hill, Janelle Monae

Kimbra and Gotye. Yes. I love Kimbra's kooky sense of style, the girl has great pins and the biggest and best smile. This just works. And Gotye. Wally. Just look at you. You were somebody that we used to know. now look at you. Off to the Grammys. 
I love this look on Alexa Chung. Fresh-faced, smiley, red lips, cute frocks - but did she run out of time after a morning picnic?! This is way too casual for the Grammys. Style guru or not, surely she could have rustled up some razzle dazzle.

I love the print of this dress on Estelle (again, no idea who she is), and the cut, except for... that cut. Across the waist. At first I thought it was a belt, and then on closer inspection I realised it was one of those crafty frocks that has had a tricky snip. While it looks fab on her - I'm not big on those frocks with the snips. For the special reason that my muffin tops would run over.
Faith Hill always comes across as this homegrown, wholesome beautiful woman. And she does look gorgeous here - I really love the bodice of this dress, but the skirt says real estate agent to me. I want to like it, but when you're at the Grammys you might as well go all out. Stick a full skirt on it and I'm sold. 
I love Janelle Monae. She has a signature style and never strays from it, and I adore that. Ole. (Ok, sorry, I just couldn't help myself.)

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Lil Sparrow said...

Gotye and Kimbra rocka and am soooooo proud of them!! awesome recognition and Kimbra so humble and Goyte so relaxed...they are the stand outs from the ego's in the room...