frocktober 2016

frocktober 2016

Saturday, 16 February 2013

I Can't Freaking Wait To See This

As soon as I saw the poster for this walking out of the cinemas (me, not the posters), I got excited. Such a freaking good cast - and it's got - - - Michelle Williams. It's long been documented how much I love that other mother. She's the bomb and then some. 

Have you seen any good movies lately? 

I'm sorry to say, the only movies I've seen recently are DVDs. Namely Karate Kid and The Color Purple. Ahem. But you? Any good ones I should check out this weekend?

PS - My friend Lee sent me this link to check out Michelle at the premiere. How good does girlfriend look??!


Norbyah Nolasco said...

i took the kids to see hotel transylvannia (awesome) and i saw this trailer. it's a bit scary for kiddos, so i was surprised to see it previewed at a kids movie, but it looked amazing. and michelle williams...phwoar!!! she was hot hot.

Bren @ MiraNarnie said...

ooh looks good! I really want to see Les Mis whilst is still at the cimema's and I did watch The Words on DVD the other week - really a good message and makes you think

Small Catalogue said...

I watched an American in Paris at the library last week. Loved it. Thank you SO much for reacquainting me with Go Fug Yourself. I've not had that much fun on the internet since... ?2008.

robyn said...

saw LORE on DVD - was excellent - bit weeping... lovely shots - far too much for me to deal with so I tried to focus on the beautiful screen shots of fingers through water etc....