Monday, 25 February 2013

Oscars 2013:: I'm Neutral About Neutrals. Amanda Seyfried, Amy Adams, Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer

 Have you seen Les Miserables? I loved it, and Amanda Seyfried has a sublime singing voice. Mama Mia? Meh. Les Miserables. WOW! Unfortunately this Alexander McQueen is in the meh party for me. I am so bored with neutrals. So bored. And the cut? Looks like something that would be worn at Tamworth's Country Music Festival awards night. I can say that, I grew up in Tamworth.
 I love this - it reminds me of a baby swan chick. And that soft, soft grey - so romantic, so glamorous. Amy Adams did good. Although the critics are out saying she looks like Emma Watson on the red carpet a couple of years ago, I think I prefer this softer version. 
 Jessica Chastain is apparently nuts for neutrals. Because that is all I ever, ever see her in. And quite frankly Jessica, I am SO FREAKING SICK OF YOU IN NEUTRALS. Wear some colour. Pretend you're Jessica Rabbit. I don't know. Whatever. Just quit with the neutrals. You could look so much better in full-colour. Although, you do look quite ravishing today.
Oh Octavia. Oh Octavia. I really, really love this pale sherbet-fizz on you. And I love the cut of your jib. And your frock. And the understated accessorising. This is neutral done well. And for the win. 

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Allison Miller said...

yep looks like amanda is dressed for the logies...or worse, some end of year football team presentation....I can say that cause im Australian!!