Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The New Royal Baby:: Or The Fresh Prince

I remember vividly that day taking my babies home. Exhaustion, excitement, bewilderment, big love - all rolled into one memorable day.

I know the world has gone crazy with talk of the new Prince, but sometimes it's good to be carried away with something else. To lose yourself to something exciting and sparkly when real life is anything but.

I loved Kate's appearance in polka dots, an homage to Princess Diana when she appeared after the birth of William. She looks so happy, as does he.

I go melty at the sight of that newborn. Swoon.


Tahnee said...

they are completely perfect together, kate and will. I do love seeing them together, but this morning, watching them emerge in front of the whole world, I felt so sad that diana isn't here to see this.. her beautiful boy with his son, her grandson, how evident william's love is for kate.. and yes, the choice of spots was all too fabulous x

Sam Stone said...

They really seem completely happy, don't they. It is lovely.

Spoonful said...

agreed. i had my little one 5 weeks ago and I'm all in love with babies, though i confess mine most of all ;)

Mrs Woog said...

I bemoaned to my beloved, just tonight, that we will never know that feeling again!