Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Favourite Find:: Love&Lustre Liberty Nighties

My sisters and I grew up with a healthy appetite for Liberty. Those iconic prints always looked perfectly pretty on a frock. The prints are just as fresh and beautiful today. 

When I saw that Australian brand Love&Lustre had created a collection of Liberty nightdresses - well, hello Liberty. It was love. 

For years I've been into PJs. However as we creep into Summer, nothing beats going to bed in a cool cotton nightie. And certainly not in such an iconic print. 

Totally going on my Christmas wish list. 

From left:
Love&Lustre Liberty cotton nightdress - Anna's Garden $99.95 (my favourite in that cool green print); Lucy Daisy $99.95; and for something a little more special - go silk with the Blue Rose $239

**Favourite Find is my new *thing* where I share something I fancy each week from an Australian retailer. They're not paid spots, it's truly things I find that I dig and want to share. And they all lived happily ever after. 

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Rachael @ mogantosh said...

So gorgeous! You could totally add your Mums brown belt to these and add them to the Frocktober list. I'm really looking forward to seeing that belt.