Monday, 23 September 2013

The Emmys: Carrie Underwood, Sarah Silverman, Eric Stonestreet, January Jones, Sarah Somebody and the other woman from Modern Family

 Sponsored by Mattel and coming to a toilet cistern near you. Carrie Underwood, so close. And yet. 
Sarah Silverman's dress allegedly cost $60. I hate to be the one to say it, but it looks about as much as that. It's boring. Not red carpet appropes, and I'm just not into this. Fine for everyday, but not for the Emmys.

 Surely Big W could have afforded him a size up?

 January Jones - perfect hair, make-up and dress. She nailed it. 
 YES! YES! YES. Pantone colour of the year - emerald, done well on the red carpet. I love this dress. 
I am over fishtails. I am over nude frocks. But I love this so much. It looks like it would be fun to swoosh around in all night. Although I'm not sure if I'd be able to eat more than a bread roll. And that would make me a bit cross. 


Robyn said...

spot on as youushe.

the emerald - love that lace (and i don't love lace)
That tux - perhaps he ate your roll Lexi ?

I expect more. You never stop at one. Go girl.

gamze said...

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missandmisters said...

Okay first up, the one with the feet and the legs: Allison Janney (West Wing). Love! (Her. And the dress. And The West Wing.)

Secondly, What's up with the feet??? Creepy.

Third, not Amber Valletta = Taylor Schilling = Orange is the New Black = amazing and incredibly addictive.

Last, love all of this. Although I would add one extra bit of praise for Claire Danes: the boobs! As a mummynoboobs myself, I cannot tell you how cool it was to see someone owning it. Love.

Maxabella said...

I kinda thought January Jones would look nice next to Carrie on top of the cistern. x