Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Favourite Find:: OneWhiteSunday Necklace

Who doesn't love a pastel? I am the first to say that I am a bit crazy for pastels - see last week's Favourite Find.

Just like a scarf, a necklace (for me) can change an outfit. I hang mine in the hallway, and on my way past in the morning, I choose one and pop it on. Each day I choose something different. I am so crazy like that. 

I was pretty excited to find this little beauty from OneWhiteSunday today. The prettiest palette with a graduation of shapes, like Fruit Loops meets caveman - and for the win! 

There are lots of other beauties - I love this too - looks like cubist fairy floss

OneWhiteSunday Pastel Stone necklace $42

**Favourite Find is my new *thing* where I share something I fancy each week from an Australian retailer. They're not paid spots, it's truly things I find that I dig and want to share. And they all lived happily ever after. 

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