Friday, 6 September 2013

HOLY COLLAB!!! Celine Dion VS Daft Punk VS The Bee Gees = MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!

Obsessed? Maybe.

Loving it? HELLZ YEAH!

Can this Daft Punk big love ever end? Not with Celine dancing it out, that's fo' shizzle!  Check out those moves. And *that* suit!! 

And the Bee Gees homage? Sheer brilliance. 


Margie said...

oh. my. Made my day. Hell, made my week!! I WANT TO LEARN THAT DANCE!!

Kirsty Bunfield said...

It just isn't long enough. love it.

RachRockinOut said...

Can we get Celine Dion to dance to "Lose Yourself To Dance" because i feel like thats way more appropriate. Just imagine it haha