Tuesday, 17 September 2013

It's Been Quiet Here

But not quiet on the home front.

For example - Tiny slipped over in the bathtub last night. Matt took her up to ER with a nice little gash in her chin. I sat waiting for news. They sat waiting for five hours. She finally came home with her chin glued. Poor sausage.

I'm back into exercise. I know. Stop the press. I got sick and had to cut my C25K short momentarily. Instead of exercising I began pinning exercise motivation. I became obsessed. This served only to make myself feel even sicker, annoyed, sad I wasn't exercising, and to motivate others. Well it's not all bad, right?

In other ground breaking news, the house is a mess, I need to start organising a birthday party for Tiny, and Christmas is now only 99 sleeps until Christmas.

Just saying. 

Please send help. SOS. 


Shari said...

99 sleeps to Christmas are you kidding? I'm struggling to eat breakfast and get out of my p.j's let alone start Christmas shopping!

Reannon Hope said...

Please don't say things like " 99 days until christmas". I get little heart palpitations :/

small catalogue said...

I love the American In Paris Ballet. The movie is ok - but the ballet is something else.