Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fruity and Fabulous:: By Jodie Nicholson

Pineapples are hot property right now. I'm not talking your topless variety from your local fruit and veg, or even the tinned rings from the supermarket. I'm talking pineapple motifs. If you haven't noticed, I don't know how you missed it, unless you've been hiding in a compost bin - and then I completely understand. Or do I?!

I was delighted, spellbound and instantly in love when I spied Jodie Nicholson's pineapple in progress (PIP) on Instagram. Here was a woman, with her bare hands, a needle and floss, creating a pineapple in all its spiky, yellow glory. 

Isn't it awesome? I want to show the world what Jodie's been making because I LOVE IT SO MUCH! 

And now she's turned her attention to melons. Dirty mind. Watermelons people. 

You must click over to Instagram and have a look at her beautiful handiwork as she documented the fruit salady goodness being created. 

And if you're in the market for this unique handmade pineapple piece of art - it's a steal for less than a pineapple - get it, get it?! (ie less than $50) - you could hang it on your wall. Look at all those teeny tiny stitches - so much work - who couldn't fall madly in love with these? They'd look so great hung together on the wall (plus that tassel talks to that watermelon, and it's lurve people, it's lurve).

Jodie has generously offered PMM readers 15% off until September 30 - just enter PMM15 at the register. 


Jodie Nicholson said...

Hey hey! It's me! Thanks so much for showing off my fruity stitchin'.

Sam Stone @ A Life on Venus said...

I love the watermelon!

Jayde~Little Paper Lane said...

Thank you for sharing, i just went crazy in her shop and bought THREE~i couldnt pick just one!

Elisabeth said...

Jodie is the coolest. Perhaps the only thing cooler is that amazing burst wall hanging. WANT.