Thursday, 19 September 2013

Why The Hypoxi Radio Ad is Poxy. In Fact. It Sucks.

There's a radio ad on at the moment for Hypoxi. 

Before we get into the ad, let me talk about Hypoxi. Hypoxi is, in my book, a load of codswallop. It's meant to be a weight loss thing, but looks like an 80s computer that you stick your legs in and apparently - shazam - your cellulite will disappear. See why I think it's a load of bollocks?

I might as well get the Atari 64 out and stick my pins in and see how that goes. Probably just as effective. Call me cynical, but Hypoxi - don't call me maybe.

In my book - if you want to tone up - diet and exercise. Not a poxy Hypoxi machine. 

But anyway, I digress. Back to the radio ad. 

It starts off something like:

"Ladies, what shape is your body?" 


"Ooooh, that's a lot of pears."

And then it goes on to talk about the merits of poxy Hypoxi. And on it goes.

The premise being - pear-shaped women = ouch. Poor you. But we can do something about it. We can fix your pear-shaped body. 

Well I'm here to say - screw you Hypoxi ads and your petri dish for breeding insecurity in women. Women already have enough insecurities without you planting a seed of doubt in our minds. 

I'm a pear shaped woman, and I don't need you to validate - or even erase my shape. For all you know, I might be totally happy being a pear. I love pears. Juicy, tasty fruit that they are. I'm ok with being a pear. 

I really detest this ad. And whenever it comes on, I'm pretty sure my blood pressure goes up. 

Who comes up with these ads that are targeted at making you feel bad about yourself? I for one am not going to align myself with a brand that makes me feel like poo and guilts me into trying their product. I won't buy a thing from them. 

Pear, apple, banana, kiwi fruit, mango - whatever shape you are - don't feel ashamed ladies! 

And this, my friends is why I think the Hypoxi radio ad is totally and utterly poxy. You can have your Hypoxi and jam it. 


Catherine Alekna said...

whoo! yes i whole heatedly agree. These stupid adds which prey upon 1 group of women, singling them out and making them feel like their not "beanstalk" or "celery stick" shape. seriously! Its cheap and lazy marketing for what sounds like an even cheaper gadget. I cant listen to commercial radio anymore because of these shoddy adds, and when im in a friends car who does, i get so angry over them to the point where said friend has to plug in her ipod.

Sare said...

Yes! And what gets my goat is that a woman's body has to be compared to something at all. Women are humans. Humans are human shaped. We are all a little different because this is not 'Brave New World'. Jeez man. Also, Lexi you are a babe! x

Kristy said...

YES!! What a pile of crap it is. I'm so glad you took the time to call them out.

If you'd rather a better view of pears I recommend you watch The Accidental Soldier on iview... there is some raunchy pear action that will have everyone sighing (and forgetting about bullshit advertising crap like Hypoxi)

Here's a taster...

Sam Stone @ A Life on Venus said...

Totally agree! Women should be embraced and should embrace their bodies instead of being told how to change it!

Nikki | Styling You said...

And the thing is ... even if you lose weight and tone up (however you do it!), your body shape will remain the same!! Just quietly I'm tired of women being referred to as pieces of fruit too.