Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Favourite Find:: Everingham & Watson Tea towel

Stop the press people. 

Stop the doggone press. 

It's not every day I tell you about prawns. Or tea towels. And happily, today I am combining both subjects into one happy blog post. 

This - enchanted reader, is probably the best tea towel you're ever going to see. 

Ok. Big call. But I am a bit of a tea towel lover. I love a good tea towel. I hate a crummy tea towel. Don't go the raw prawn on me. This is a keeper!

Or it could be a giver, because it would make a totally great hostess gifts (do you guys give these, because I give these because I think it's fun!) or Christmas gift. Heck - Kris Kringle just got cool! 

Everingham & Watson Prawn tastic tea towel $29

**Favourite Find is my new *thing* where I share something I fancy each week from an Australian retailer. They're not paid spots, it's truly things I find that I dig and want to share. And they all lived happily ever after. 

1 comment:

Sam Stone @ A Life on Venus said...

I love a tea towel too.
Each year at xmas my little misses preschool makes tea towels with the kids drawings and every family member gets one! Classic!