Monday, 14 October 2013

Day 14:: Frocktober - Cool Blue (And Vintage)

You've no idea how excited I was last night when I heard it start to rain. Really, really, really excited. I get excited about rain. Especially when I am on my way to bed.

And to wake in this cool change, well what a gift!! 

I was lamenting just yesterday to Matt that this year, due to the heat, I'd had to put off a few of my star dresses because it was too darn hot. But if this change sticks around, I can get them on - and frock up!

There's still time to sponsor me! I'm not even half way yet! I am so tired. I am sure you're tired of my head. I am. 

Let's slay ovarian cancer together and help find an early detection test. That's the ticket!

Dress: Vintage  
Belt: That's right friends, it's my Mum's!  
Shoes: Country Road
Earrings: Vintage

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