Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 7:: Frocktober - Oh la la!!

Tiny is back on the job and took my photograph today. YAY TINY! 

Today's frock is one of my all-time favourites. I was completely skint when I found it - but I knew I had to have it - a vintage spotty frock that once belonged to a French woman with the wardrobe of - I don't know, AYE CARUMBA! 

That kind of sums me up - WILLING TO FORGO DINNER THIS WEEK FOR A FROCK. Ok, I'll eat cheese on toast. 

Speaking of which - are you willing to forgo a frock, or a coffee, or something so that you can:

Please, please sponsor me? I'm begging you! 

It's tax deductible - and all money goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to find an early detection test. A pap smear will not detect ovarian cancer. 

I've got 24 days of frocking on to go - a $5 donation would be ace, or whatever you can spare!

Dress: Vintage 
Shoes: Converse
Scarf: a gift from my sister


Sam Stone @ A Life on Venus said...

Simply love spots :)

lindyinbrisbane said...

You look cute as a button in that dress. You'll think I'm mad, but on first unfocussed look, I thought you had a parrot in your hair! It was pretty funny. :)