Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Day 8:: Frocktober - I Want Pasta

Play this.

And now look at me - day 8, Strega Nonna's homegirl kitted out in black lace baby. Black vintage lace. 

That's the way I roll! AYE CARUMBA!

Does anyone else have a hankering for pizza and pasta? 

It's only day 8 of Frocktober and already I've hit $2500 with great thanks to my generous and kind sponsors - thank you guys! 

It's not too late to sponsor me. There's still 23 days to go - and if I hit $3000 by Thursday, Friday you get me in a rockabilly outfit that's destined to please. Please sponsor me! 

Dress: Vintage 
Shoes: Country Road outlet
Bangle: a gift from my work colleagues
Sunglasses: LeSpecs 

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