Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Oh! I'm Sorry! Did You Forget Your Manners?

So there's this thing that's kind of a big deal to me and until today, I thought I was alone in this thinking. 

Thank goodness I talked about it because I would still be thinking this. 

It's about manners. On social media. And specifically - Instagram.

Here's the scenario - and let's thing about this big picture, I post for a brand, as well as personally for myself. 

So here it is. I post a picture, some people like it, some people don't, some people like it, some people want to engage with it, and that's all cool. Like it, love it, hate it. Great.

You and me? We can have opinions. And that is great and what makes the world colourful and awesome. 

But what I can't stand are people calling people over to photos (@joebloggs @therestoftheworld @youmeandeveryoneiknow ) and starting a conversation by themselves. 

It would be like coming over to my house - and inviting a bunch of randoms - then ignoring me and chatting amongst yourselves. 

Um. Hello?! 


Or worse, when people come over and talk to their friends and say "Hey - I love this idea, let's copy it for my mud-wrestling party". 

Er. I saw that. I know what you did last summer, and I know what you're doing this summer - because HEY you discussed it all on my Instagram feed. 

Would you do this if I were sitting opposite me? Gosh. I hope not! I doubt it. 

Don't do it on social media! Don't do it on my Instagram feed. I can see you! I can read what you're writing. Don't forget that on the flipside is a real life, living, breathing person. 

Or it would be like sitting next to me and critiquing me - and then not even acknowledging me. But would you do that in the real world?

Unfortunately I think people forget that there are other humans on the other end of the screen - and that social media is about being social.

My tip? (just in case you even wanted my tip!) - if you love something and want to share it with other friends, leave a comment, and then put your friends in brackets - or ping them ie ping @heyryangoslingyoureprettyflyforawhiteguy so that they have your attention and can come and visit - but you're still acknowleding the poster. 

It's a small thing, I know, but it makes a big difference.

Manners do matter. 


Corinne said...

Wow, I've never had this happen, but totally agree with you!

Fiona said...

Totally agree with you! Another thing that really winds me up on instagram (which you tend to get a lot with popular bloggers) is when someone leaves a comment asking a question and the their followers reply on their behalf!!? So weird!

Lisa McLean said...

Well said...does seem to happen all over social media networks !