Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Day 15:: Frocktober - Pinkalicious

Today is a great day!

Today is our wedding anniversary!

To celebrate this auspicious day, I've gone back to my roots. Vintage, pink, a little bit boho delicious. I do love this frock like crazy.

It's Laura Ingalls meets Barbara Cartland. 

Maybe you'd like to sponsor me? If so, head here! All money goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to help kick cancer to the kerb.

Dress: Vintage  
Belt: No brainer! It's Mum's! 
Shoes: Country Road (again, they fit my big feet, what can I say)
Earrings: Vintage 


Sam Stone @ A Life on Venus said...

Love this one! You really have a lot of dresses. I have maybe two!

katypotaty said...

Love that pink - very girlie and feminine! (But I can see what you mean about the Little House on the Prairie!)

Patchworkcactus said...

Um, excuse me. Did you just make a Laura Ingalls Wilder reference? I thnk we should be best friends! Love the dress BTW. Xox Babs