Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide:: Little Girls

It's that time of the year when I pull together my Christmas gift guides. I give you ideas for you to give to other people. It's all about giving my friends. 

So today I'm talking little girls. Enchanting, smart, sassy little girls who are going to rule the world. I've tried to keep it varied, with a range of prices so there's something for everyone. 

Shall we take a peek?

1. Kiss Naturals DIY Bath Fizzie Kit from My Messy Room $19.95 - I love these kits. Give a girl a kit to make bath fizzies - and she's her own scientist. And at the end of a hard day in the lab she can relax in a bath - with the fruit of her labours. 

2. Coral and Tusk Cat Pouch Necklace from Kido Store $35 - I don't know about you, but I would be so happy if someone gave this to me. I'd wear it every day. I can imagine my Tiny loving this and hiding her special little things in the pouch. Style and function. BOOM!

3. Fine Little Day Pirum Parum poster from Talo Interiors $56 - I love Fine Little Day, and I've always had a soft spot for her posters. Whimsical, a little humorous, and a kick-ass graphic that would look as good today as it will in many years - I can see this in any room of the house, but imagine it framed up in a bedroom. MWAH!

4. One of a kind hand-painted wooden brooch from Evie Barrow $20 - Evie Barrow is so ridiculous. She's probably one of the most ridiculous people I cyber-know. She's so talented and humble, and this hand-painted brooch is so cool and collectable. Does anyone get the idea half this list is stuff I want? Hmm.

5. Boo the world's cutest dog plush toy from KidStuff $35 - Tiny is obsessed with Boo. Obsessed. Last week when she had her nasty tumble and then got gastro, I had to cheer girlfriend up. So I bought her this big Boo plushie. She adores him and takes him everywhere. He's super cuddly. 

6. Las Flores dress from Little Tienda $65 - Perfect for Summer when you're hotspotting all your favourite parks and beaches, throw it on and this is the  best cool dress this Summer.

7. Eleanor's Eyebrows book from Booktopia $16.95 - In our house, we're a bunch of book nerds. I love books. Matt loves books. Both the smalls love books. This book is so, so funny and the illustrations are so ace - I gave it to my niece for Christmas and we had such fun reading it together. 

8. Natural Shimmer Stack from Pure Poppet $15.95 - Ever had one of those moments when you walk in to discover your child getting rather involved with your make-up? One moment springs to mind when Tiny ground my brand new lipstick into her table. It was a pretty artwork, but there wasn't much left of my lippie. Give them their own make up for Christmas.

9. Yellow Owl Workshop Rubber Stamp set of 3 from Notemaker $19.95 - It's Summer! It's almost the holidays! I adore this rubber stamp set from Yellow Owl. Let the girl go wild stamping! 

10. LEGO Friends Stephanie Kids' Watch from LEGO $49.95 - Tiny loves LEGO Friends, and this watch is a pretty cool and fun way of keeping track of time. 

Next up - what would mama want? 


Sam Stone said...

I do believe my daughter, who is five, would love all of these Lexi. Thanks for sharing.

Evie said...

Thank you!!! I love this gift guide. Not only have you been kind enough to include me and write wonderful things but everything you've found and shared looks like fun to my inner little girl ; ) Lovin' the kitten pouch necklace and Eleanor's Eyebrows looks so fantastic!!

Randy said...

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