Wednesday, 19 February 2014


To whoever made those Vanish Napisan ads,

I don't know about other mums, but I don't have the time, nor the desire to sit online looking up solutions to my stain problems.

Maybe you thought it was fun! Maybe you thought - what better things have mums got to talk about than stains! Maybe you thought - mums will love to connect over stains!

Maybe you thought wrong.

Everytime I see that ad, I want to go and pour myself a glass of Vanish Napisan and drink it. Although given it's stain removal properties, I don't think it would do my organs very much good. 

Well you know, it's pretty tempting to spend my spare time googling stain removal. To sit on forums and chat to other like-minded avid stain removers, I'm sure you do it all the time in your spare time. Right?

If I had nothing better to do, I would just watch YouTube clip upon YouTube clip of people removing stains. I am pretty sure you already know that that shit should be given an Academy Award. Whoa! 

Did Spike Jonze direct that clip? No? It was a customer made video? Holy cow! I want in on that shiz.

Seriously kids, us mums have enough shizzle to do without watching your Vanish clips. I don't really care how that red wine stain gets out - as long as it gets out.

Maybe we could make a video about that? 

K. Thx. Bai. 


Catherine Alekna said...

haha! thank you Lexi! I really find these adds a bother. Especially cause their "tips" are all normal ways of using the product (soaking, spot stain, regular washing), but just presented by "mums" pretending that its some really cool trick they made up. Yeah i'm not buying it.
And the song that goes along with it. ugh....

Babs - Patchwork Cactus said...

Umm, yeah, I have more important things to google. Like if the council will cut down the fugly tree on my front lawn, and why Lauren Conrad doesn't write for the Beauty Dept any more and if it's normal for two-year-olds feet to smell. True story. Absolutely riveting shit compared to any story that contains facts on stain removal.

Sam Stone said...

I agree. And if the stain doesn't come out the item goes in the bin....or is just worn at home :)