Monday, 28 April 2014

Logies 2014:: Asher Keddie, Jessica Marais, Jen Hawkins, Madeleine West, Susie Eleman and her norks

I just don't know what to say. I love Asher Keddie. But is this dress my favourite? Is it something I'd wear? Hellz no. Unless I was working at a bordello with a She Ra Princess of Power theme. Then I'd maybe consider it. 
I am not a huge fan of the choker. Like ever. It reminds me of being 15. And I can't do that. Sorry. BUT Jessica Marais - I can't stop looking at this photo - while the dress is not my favourite - and thinking how beautiful she looks. I am a little concerned about the precarious coverage of her nips. 

 This was a monstrosity vomited up from the 80s. White mesh? No. No. No. Unless you're catching fish. 
 Someone fell headfirst into the haberdashery store and hey - look what happened?!
Susie. Susie. Susie. Props for recycling this dress from 1992, but I have to query, why did it ever see the light of day in the first place. Your gazoongies are all I can think about. And I don't want to. 


Tahnee said...

oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE your celebrity event wraps! laugh out loud funny - and agreed with everything. everyone was gushing over Jessica Marais but I just didn't get it? she is stunning in anything, but that dress just reminded me of that itchy weighted 80s fabric.. and Asher Keddie's hair kinda matched how awful her dress was..

amy_lifewithsoul said...

Adore your reporting on the main events. To be honest - it's the only thing that I read about them. I always know you'll be spot on. HOLY TITS -- And Asher - come on!

dear olive said...

Logies and fashion .... two words that just DO NOT GO TOGETHER, and here is the proof. Everyone looks dreadful. Bar none. Even Claudia Karvan, I don't think that dress is very flattering at all. DISAPPOINTED. Kellie xx

little bird big chip said...

oh dear god! what the flip is susie thinking? who let her out of the house in that? she looks like she's trying to crack a walnut in those bad boys

Babs (patchworkcactus@typepad said...

Carrie is amazing!