Tuesday, 24 June 2014

3 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe Pronto! (Three of the best!)

Many nights, too many nights a week Matt will glance over at my computer screen to see what I am inter netting. Usually it's clothes. I have a thing for fashion. I am incredibly good at online shopping. And then not committing to the purchase due to lack of funds on the  old cc. Sigh. It's an age old problem that even Grug the caveman faced. Which fur pelt to wear today? 

So without further ado, I give you three of the best pieces I've found in the last week. Quick ways to update your wardrobe without sending your bank balance into a meltdown. 

1. Faux leather full circle skirt - Sussan $99.95

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I recently purchased some mid-life crisis leather shorts. Well. I am totally addicted to them. I adore them. I want to wear them ALL THE TIME! 

And next in line is this skirt. That cut sits so perfectly, and the fabric (faux leather) makes it current. A great piece to add to your wardrobe - for conquering the boardroom, and then going out to celebrate with some margaritas. Because that's the way I like it. 

2. Spot jacket - Elk $230 

I am not one for being super corporate. In fact, I think I look a bit ridiculous getting suity. Like a parody of me. So this jacket is totally perfect. A relaxed blazer that's totally cool, while being totally presentable. I am totally lusting after it. 

In fact I think it's pretty much THE best jacket I've seen in a very long time. 

3. Somerset boot - JamSquared $299 

I've come to a point where I pretty well don't love wearing heels all the time. Or even much of the time. I am a mad flats fan. 

These handcrafted boots are the perfect neutral in leather and suede, perfect with pretty much anything and everything. I want! 


nicole kane said...

gosh those pants in the second photo look lovely too. and comfortable. super comfortable.

Trainee Mama said...

omg, those boots are INSANE

UK Charity Shopper said...

Over £50 for a plastic skirt = bank balance meltdown. Over £150 for a pair of boots that will show every splash of rain. Wages must be high and weather must be good in Australia.