Monday, 25 August 2014

MTV VMAs:: Ariana Grande, It's a Pantsuit, Fonzie, Banana Man.

 Big mistake. Huge mistake. 
I feel like this is something one of the mum's from school would wear to trivia night. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Fonzie is back! Actually, no, it's Adam Levine. And do I have a funny story for you or what?! 

One night I was looking for a song to cheer me up. It had been a long, sad day, it was the day Robin Williams had died, and I heard this song playing in the 'Begin Again' trailer. It was EXACTLY the song I needed to hear right then and there. So I googled. Came up empty. I looked through the soundtrack, but what I heard was a powerful, soulful amazing black female voice. I went through the playlist, nope, nope, nope. I finally resigned myself to listening to the entire soundtrack (not really a chore) thinking that this incredible voice was perhaps not the frontrunner, but maybe someone guesting on the soundtrack. I thought I was going to fall down some rabbit hole and find this amazing new female talent that I could fall in love. Someone all Aretha Franklin, belting out beautiful music. 

Fast forward to 2:42 in this song - and you'll discover. It wasn't a female voice, it was Adam Levine falsetto stylie. Crumbs. I am bonkers. 

Did someone order a Banana-gram? 

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