Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Frocktober 2014:: Day 1 - Studio 54

Today marks the first day of Frocktober! To celebrate reaching my first $1,000 milestone, I went all Studio 54. 

Drawing inspiration from Angelica Houston, I donned a pale lilac wig, one of my favourite vintage frocks, fake tanned it up, spent over an hour of power on my make-up (not to mention the research!), and laced up my wedding shoes. Yowsers. 

I sweated over this look the night before, kept waking with anxiety thinking I couldn't do it. Yes. Such is the pressure my friends!

How did I do? 

If you don't know Frocktober is. I'll tell you! I wear 31 dresses in 31 days to help raise awareness and funds for research into ovarian cancer. All money raised goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Want the facts?
  • Every ten hours, one woman dies from ovarian cancer in Australia
  • Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death of all gynaecological cancers
  • Unlike other cancers, there is NO early detection test
  • Over 50% of the community incorrectly believe a pap smear diagnoses ovarian cancer
  • Ovarian cancer has a lower survival rate than both breast and cervical cancer
  • When detected and treated early 80-100% of women will survive beyond five years compared with only 20-30% when diagnosed at a late stage

Please help me fundraise this Frocktober and kick ovarian cancer to the kerb! 

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: My wedding shoes
Wig: From some crazy party shop
Bangles: Gifts
Tan: Fake


Reannon @shewhorambles said...

You are HOT! The make up was worth it- looks awesome!

Candice said...

You're bringing the glam back!

Frock This Town said...

A fabulous start to the month!

lindyinbrisbane said...

You look fantastic. I particularly love the lilac hair!

Babs (patchworkcactus@typepad said...

Are you kidding me with all this babeness? Nice work on darling, on the sentiment and the delivery. xoxo