Monday, 22 December 2014

Yo! Yo! Yo! Jingling all the way with Bondville

In the last of my Jingling all the Way series, I chat with super Steph from Bondville. Steph's site is this awesome and inspiring hub of local designers, artists and crafters - supporting our Aussie community. She does an outstanding job and always has something creative and cool on the boil. 

I often pop over to Bondville to find out the latest and greatest in Australian design, and find inspiration for cool gifts. 

Let's cut to the chase, let's go!

What do you do on Christmas eve?

We are so lucky to have family based on the Sunshine Coast, so Christmas Eve we are likely to be veging out on a couch under a ceiling fan after a day at the beach. Oh, and wrapping presents. I'm soooo last minute. 

Please tell me your favourite Christmas childhood memory.

My favourite childhood Christmas memory is unwrapping all the decorations to trim the tree. Each piece of tissue paper had to be gentle removed to reveal a nostalgic ornament that my sister and I had made, or been given. It was a lovely long, slow process as many decorations were fragile. Then finding the perfect spot on the tree for each one. I make sure that my girls have the same great experience each year and I love to hear their exclamations: "remember this one!?!" and "oh I love this one!". And... my sister and I wore matching red and green Christmas dresses that my Mum made for us, and that my girls now wear. Too cute.

What did you leave out for Santa? 

A biscuit and a beer. Definitely beer.

What time do you get up on Christmas morning?

As soon as the kids are up, and with daylight savings in QLD, that's 5am!

Favourite part of Christmas?

Relaxing with my family at my parents' house and having 24/7 babysitters - they are amazing with the kids. We get to go on Date Night nearly every night! 

What's on your wish list this year?

I picked up my big Christmas wish list item a little early this year at the Armadillo & Co. rug sample sale. Loving it already! As we travel for Christmas, we have to go very light on presents; also OK by me. But if I didn't have to take hand luggage into consideration, I would wish for a yellow butterfly chair, a Gorman lobster bucket hat, an Eames Hang-It-All from Living Edge, some new Pony Rider cushions, Beci Orpin's Make & Do book or Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi.

What's one thing you'll be gifting/giving this year?

Our family is into US-style BBQ (in a big way), so my husband is getting the Myron Mixon Smokin' cookbook - everyone wins! 

Take a look at Bondville here
And follow Steph on Instagram, pronto! 

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