Saturday, 3 October 2015

Frocktober 2015: Day 3 - The Real Little Tienda

Apparently Sydney got a memo. And all that memo read was: make it hot motherfrockers. 

Yeah well she sure did. So the only way to get around on the weekend was in this light and bright frock fresh from (the real) Little Tienda. Who am I kidding? it's an old favourite. 

That navy with that embroidery and those colours. MWAH! I could emoji all over that thing. 

If you sponsor me today here's what you get:

- The knowledge that your hard earned cash is going straight to Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation - do not pass go, do collect (or donate) some dollars. Whatever you can afford. You'll be helping to fund research into ovarian cancer - because currently there is no early detection test. 

Can you dig it? Well I dig you! 

PS For the month of Frocktober Em at Little Tienda is generously donating 10% from all sales to Frocktober. So if you weren't already in the mood, well maybe you are now. x

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