Sunday, 3 January 2016

Thank Yous:Five Favourites

Every year after Christmas I like to write thank you notes. It's been something that my parents drummed into me from an early age, and while I really detested it when I was young, I've actually grown to really enjoy it. 

After all, sending someone a piece of snail mail that's not a bill, that's hand-written and loaded with thanks is a pretty great gesture. 

Stationery is one of my weak spots, so today I'm sharing five of my favourites to help you get pen to paper and post someone a quick hit of joy! 

SIRA Magenta Love Card - $5.95: Big loving the design of the graphic print, inspired by the architecture and landscape of Palm Springs, I love that punchy magenta hue (Tiny's current favourite colour!) that says - HEY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for being ace. 
Little Paper Lane Watercolour Stripes Letter set $14.95: Loving this sweet set (of 20) featuring a hand-painted design. I always like to imagine the person receiving the card - and I'd LOVE to receive a card on this set, and pin it on my pinboard. 

Rifle Paper Co. Boxed Assorted Card Set from Papier D'Amour $35: In my book, Rifle Paper can do no wrong. Anna Rifle is a freaking genius, and I just love anything she does. Who wouldn't be happy when one of these lands in their mailbox? 

Thank You Fruit Box Scratchie Card by TMOD $6.95: I love these TMOD cards, for all the fun and theatre of a scratchie! Plus the Carmen Miranda-esque design appeals to the extrovert in me, and screams summer!

Gold Button Postcards + Envelopes from Poppies for Grace x Bianca Cash $12.95: There's never been a cooler collaboration!! These gold foil beauties are destined for great things i.e.  straight to the pool room on my inspiration board. 

Thank you letters, a quick note to share your gratitude. Can we all make it a thing this year? 

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