Thursday, 7 July 2016

Comfort + Style = Non-Negotiables

I was going to tell you about me, when I wear uncomfortable shoes. And how grumpy and savage I become. And how shoe shopping for me is not a game, it's more a sport - one that I'm not particularly good at because of my legendarily long and narrow feet. 

But Ziera asked if I might be keen to check out their new range, and I said - HECK YES I AM!

Why? Because Ziera caters to all sorts of foot sizes, shapes and desires. And they've somehow managed to merge style with comfort with incredible results. 

I love these little spotty babies with jeans, a maxi skirt or an a-line skirt. So versatile. And I can't even begin to tell you how comfortable they are. Like walking on cloud puffs. I'm not kidding. They're so wonderful. 

And these days - flat shoes are the only way for me. I love the elegant cut, the printed leather and the lace up - so quirky and cool! 

Beautifully made, designed in New Zealand, and quirky to boot - I rate them!

These new shoes of mine are the bomb (I can't find the link - I'm sorry!). And so are these. And these. And these too.

Plus you should check out their pastel pointed ballet flats. Can I get a HELL YEAH! 

Photos by Jacqui Turk 

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