Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Pretty Pillowcases - A Whole Week of Them!

Drawing inspiration from Kootoyoo's week of pillowcases being hosted by Pip... I'm a late starter but here I am with some of my collection..

I love trawling my local op-shops for pre-loved pillowcases. I'm a mad keen hunter, and I'm always looking to add to my ever-growing collection.

The way pre-loved pillowcases are already worn and soft.. Perfect for beauty sleep. Perfect for day-dreaming, lying in bed (on those rare days when you can sneak in a few extra minutes snuggled up)...

This first pair were from my sister, Sheridan p/cases in immaculate condition. In fact, if I remember correctly they still had their tags on them! I LOVE using these babies.

This next couple were a lucky find. An old couple across the road were selling a lot of things as they were sadly moving to a nursing home. Their family were selling all these beautiful bits and bobs, such as the purple/blue pillowcases.. Later on I saw they had thrown a great crochet rug into a skip. It was raining and I meant to return to save it, but alas, the skip had been removed and the rug had been taken away.. Luckily I did buy these pillowcases and treasure them.

The white pillowcase was bought from a fab shop that was in Lilyfield - Frou Frou, run by the even more fab Parisa. Unfortunately she moved up to the Blue Mountains (their gain!), but I have such fond memories of her shop.. And the subsequent heart flutters it made me have!


Sherrin said...

lovely pillowslips! the top ones are amazing.

Kirsty said...

I love the pink ones & I'm pretty sure my auntie had the purple & blue sheet set.

Sarah said...

Now I remember them! Pretty things.

Lori Pickert said...

you have some lovelies - my sister and i used to find gorgeous never-used *pairs* of cases with hand-crocheted lace edges for *4 bucks* - egads! don't see prices like those anymore.