Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Putting a Stop on Procrastinating

I've finally done it. I am a self-proclaimed hoarder. I hold onto things for waaay too long, and have piles of junk hidden around the house under the guise 'I might just need it'. It's because I am a sentimental fool, everything sparks off memories, and when I am sorting through that pile of old wrapping paper, or all those old birthday cards - they trigger memories that I would otherwise have forgotten.

Anyway, since returning home from house sitting, I've decided I need to purge all this stuff. Really, if I haven't unpacked a box since we last moved (which was three years ago) I don't really need that stuff - and can't justify it. And anyway, it's just dust collecting.

So I have started listing some stuff on Ebay. It's hard. Oh my goodness, it's hard. That's why I like giving stuff to charity, I can just wave goodbye to it as it exits my life via the big red box in the supermarket car park. But Ebay means I must be made of steelier stuff. I have to wait seven whole days til I can say sayonara! But it could also mean a little bit of pocket money too. A little bit more money to grow my fabric stash.

Now I have listed five items on Ebay - and am now running around the house like a crazy lady trying to find more things to sell. I didn't realise it was so exciting. Matt can stop grumbling about my hoarding - because now our house is in jeopardy of becoming an empty little space as I chase the thrill of the sell. Here's to putting a stop to procrastinating and the cheap thrill of Ebaying.


Sarah said...

I'm shocked!

Leni and Rose said...

I'm such a hoarder too! Hmmm, ebay might have to get ready for some of my stuff as well!