Monday, 25 August 2008

Buns of Steel:: Days 1-4

I've joined forces with this group in a bid to get fit. Here is my take on days 1-4.

Day One:

I set out early evening to squeeze in 20 minutes of walking before the babies head to bed. Instead I wind up walking for 45, and enjoying every minute of it. Spying through darkened windows. I spy a little boy sitting up for dinner all on his lonesome. An old man says hello. Yellow lights map out my walk. Over-sized dogs guard a large house that looks better suited to English country-side. The hardest bit on day one is starting.

Day Two:

Today I really can only go for 20 minutes because I have to be home to fulfill feeding duties, my husband has barren boobies. I slip into cruise control, but because I've left it 'til later, it's dark. Here are a few pointers as to why you should avoid night-time walking:

- my head came into very close contact with a branch - ouchy ouch
- it was so cold my ears started aching
- visibility is poor, so unless you're wearing a reflective safety vest, you're like an invisible target for fast-moving cars
- I wasn't so much interested in perusing houses, as wanting to be in my own
- I almost, so close, just missed it by a fraction, trod on a very dead, very squashed, very bloody possum that had met it's maker on the road. Tasty.

Day Three:

Recovery from my head-banging incident. I head out early afternoon. It's the weekend and I am going to make the most of it. 45 blissful 'me minutes' later, after powering through our backstreets I am plum tuckered out, but feel good. I've been throwing a few hills into the mix, to ensure my hindquarters get a good work out. I'm heading for buns of steel. Look out!

Day Four:

A less hectic pace sees me walking beachfront with my family. Today we're dodging weekend crowds, but it's nice to have someone to chat with, a welcome distraction. No 'me minutes' today - but when you're in the sunshine, taking in the long, inky line of ocean meeting horizon, who cares?

I have started feeling muscles I thought I'd lost. Walking is good. Get out there!

So there's a snapshot of my first few days of forming a non-rehab-requiring habit. 17 days to go.
Finally my camera became friends with me again. I can show some pics of some fabric my sister sent me as part of a swap (yes, we play swaps - she's in Perth, I'm in Sydney, it's bound to be a surprise). These gelato-inspired goodies are destined for my yo-yos... YO! YO! And the patterned fabrics, they are from my other sister, and they are being saved for a quilt for my little one. That's when I learn to sew.


Kirsty said...

Yep..."me minutes" are so good. Make sure you keep it up for the whole 21 days & there'll be no stopping you.

cindy said...

Good to hear you are sticking with it. Somedays are more challenging than others to find the time but there is nothing better. I love that red riding hood material - it is one of my faves at the moment.

Beth J said...

Sounds like a very positive start! Yeah, whenever I go out late at night I'm always astounded at how many other people (freaks?) are out there too! I usually take my boyfriend so he can keep me distracted from how cold my nose and finger tips are feeling. Buns of steel cover... awesome.