Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Bird-Watching & Old Knockers: What Does It Sound Like In German?

heart shaped petals that reminded me of this lady

My Dad kindly informed me yesterday that he thought pottymouthmama was a bit boring of late. He's not so into fabrics.

In the interests of any men that might be reading, I'm going to have to step it up a bit. I have to think of something decidely un-boring. So that rules out 90% of my life (hey I'm not criticising my life, I love being home with the babies).

Given that there's still one sleep 'til
garbage night there's not much to post on my bin.

So gents, perhaps you'd like to know what makes us tick over here at pottymouthmama HQ? Or perhaps not...? But maybe you've been wondering what sound a German train makes? A German donkey perhaps?

Click through here and find out.

In other ground-breaking news, The Doctor, my baby girl (who will from now on be referred to as Tiny) and I have been going on our walks. In fact, the Doctor has also formed this walking habit too, and is a great advocate for getting our walking shoes on and checking out the neighbourhood. He's a hardcore walker. Though we have one small problem. Every walk, without fail he wants a drink and we always forget his bottle. I know an easy fix. Remember the bottle. Genius! MENSA will probably be calling me soon.

I went to scout out the bin early. It's already full. It took much self-control to not launch myself into their yard and go rummaging early. Oh yes, it certainly did. Already I have it pegged to holding old tea towels and other kitchen accoutrement this week. Well, one can only hope. And I'm hoping it's not dustballs. That's for shizzle.

And just like clockwork - the teenage boy on the small motorbike rode out. Quel bizarre! Here's photographic evidence.
The Doctor loves to snap some pics of our walk. Today 'rad dogs' skating.

Anyway our walk today - we bird-watched - the feathered variety (sorry gents) with an old pair of 'knockers' that were gleaned from the bin in the initial motherload. The red ones, so I am told by the Doctor, 'are crummy'.
And news to hand - sewing classes start next week - my sewing machine got serviced yesterday (finally! woohoo!) - so ladies, get your engines revving. But what to make? What's something super dooper simple, what's a fail-safe easy pattern for a sewing novice such as myself? I'm thinking I might head off to Tessuti and glean some ideas from them. Ideas?

Better Dad?


cindy said...

Firstly you just gotta love Dad's don't you. Mine told me he was glad that I had finally made something of myself (I think it was a compliment).
I am glad the Doctor doesn't go trading in his fave knockers at the sign of a new pair.
In the sewing dept, bloomers are pretty easy (for Tiny that is not yourself, not that I am judging) I have a vintage pattern that is quite easy if you would like it. It will give you a chance to practice some elastic running too. And you can add some ruffles or whatever if you want to push yourself a bit, Mensa is waiting.

Bellgirl said...

Excellent animal sounds! I particularly like the Greek dog. I was once treated to a rendition of Old MacDonald by a little Italian boy _and_ a little Dutch girl, very multicultural animal noises there!

Nice Knockers there 'mama ;)

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I'm not sure if I thought the German train and donkey were quite as interesting as a Japanese dog (wang-wang?!).

I can recommend two patterns for a beginner class.

Simplicity 8493 is kiddie PJs. The pants are super-duper easy in two pieces with an elastic waist. A quick win! The top would give you practice at easing in a sleeve and making three button holes. There's summer and winter length and it comes in a range of sizes (I've traced off my pattern so I can keep sizing up for the boys).

Something like Butterick 3597 is a pretty good beginner ladies' skirt pattern. Its a slight A-line and has lots of variations (I've made it in velvet, denim, corduroy, winter-weight wool and summer-weight stretch poplin). The pattern is only 4 pieces and has no waistband. You'd get to try out inserting a zipper, which gives you lots of confidence for future sewing.

Kirsty said...

I love those little hearts so much. It's a great pic.

Christie said...

what is it with parents & blogs!? my mum calls me to ask why I haven't updated mine & dad complains if there aren't enough pics of the kids- hard work!!

Cass said...

Maybe that guy on the bike is from the house and is checking you out

Jenny said...

Love the hearts pic too with your freshly painted toes! Well done-there was something for everyone in that post:)

Leni and Rose said...

Mum's the same! She lives in Sydney (we live in Melbourne) and she's always banging on about how I need to put more Maddie photos up for her to see! And she has also, of late, taken to suggesting topics for me to post about as well! Thanks mum, but ah, I don't want to post about your new hairdo....

cindy said...

I have given you a tagging, if you like that sort of thing. You can come visit and check it out.

CurlyPops said...

OMG I'm shocked that your dad is getting bored with fabric show and tell..doesn't everyone love fabric?
I'm also quite shocked by just how green those streets are around your place...I can't remember the last time I saw grass that green.
Can't wait to see what the bin will yield next!

Angie said...

Our local bins have yet to offer up any goodness yet, we do however have a surplus of teenagers on mini-motorbikes!

flossy-p said...

Is that teenage boy a blown in training? Must be....