Friday, 28 November 2008

I Just Bought Three Chickens

We just ducked out this morning to grab some groceries. Just a couple of things to tide us over 'til a weekly shop.

In my frenzy to get to the supermarket, I usually avoid anyone that I think is trying to sell me something.

Avert eyes - check.
Walk quickly - check.
Pretend my children are saying something profound and that we're deep in conversation - check.

In our shopping centre there's always something going on - bad socks, bad craft, raffles for cars etc. But today, happily I was convinced to purchase three paltry chickens.

Three feathery little friends. But while we've got two ducks at home (you think we're quackers?), these little poultry pals are not destined for our backyard. They're for someone who needs them. They'll be loved for the eggs they bear. For the manure they produce. For eating pests and insects off plants. For producing off-spring so that the family can sell them for an income.
If you head on over to World Vision you can look at gifts by price range. By category. Or by packages. And you can make someone smile.

And even a goat couple. I kid you not.
Plus - if you're craftily inclined, there's Sewing Training for $63.

Got someone who's notoriously difficult to buy for? Maybe this is your solution. There's definitely something to suit any budget. After all Christmas is for giving.

All puns are intended.


Jodi said...

oh I knew those puns were intended. They were good ones! Yes, it's all about the giving!

CurlyPops said...

Yah for you and the chickens!
I think we all get to a point where we just don't need any more stuff in our lives.
Helping someone else is much more rewarding than giving gifts just for the sake of it.

Liesl said...

Great gifts - I think these are a lovely idea. For my last birthday I "received" a pig and a whole class set of exercise books and pencil.

I'm glad you gave the link to the Oxfam sponsored sewing training. Its nice to give away things that are also dear to your heart.

Taccolina said...

I agree with you, and with Hoppo! Last year, I gave my aunt, a mental health 'hope counsellor' and nurse, a 'pair of shoes' - for a health worker to walk from village to village. I like that they have things that will resonate with lots of different sorts of people. I'll be doing something similar this year, for sure.

Cindy said...

I always knew you were a good chick (punned back at-ya). Great idea that I hadn't heard of, probably because I avoid shopping centres. They are cheap chicks too (you can never get enough puns) $6 is a bargin.

Megan.K. said...

Lovely. Best present idea I've seen so far.

Anonymous said...

Good puns, great gift ideas. :)

Anonymous said...

Less do goodin', more potty mouthin'!!! :)

Lisa [strickerin] said...

All puns are always intended at Pottymouthmama and that's why I keep coming back. :)

What a lovely gift.

Swirlyarts said...

I always ask for Oxfam Unwrapped gifts for Christmas and birthdays - I have far too much stuff! In fact we bough a mother and baby annual for my brother in laws 40th earlier this month :)

Hila said...

ha, great post, you always make me giggle. Yay for you and the chickens!
Thanks for you comment, I traveled safely.

dee said...

I think this is such a great idea. I love that you did this and agree that it's a wonderful gift for someone you can't figure out what to buy for, or someone who has everything already.