Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Magical March: Day 3

It's hard to think of something magical today. I am sure I can think of something. Hmm. Nope.

Tiny was awake from 1-3am. I don't know why. She was just banging on about something for what felt like foreeeeever. Maybe I should have gone out for a few late night drinks with her. At least that would have felt productive. Instead of going in and out, in and out to check on her.

So today, I am officially zombie-fied.

And you know, my babes are always in tune with when I am going in to work. Perhaps that's why the late night sad-ons.

Which brings me to something pretty magical. This vintage jacket. I haven't worn it for yonks and yonks, but I am so happy to have brought it out for another wearing. It's my favourite work wear. Clearly I don't work in a bank. It's like the perfect antidote to working - it's still a jacket, but it's candy seersucker. You gotta be happy with that.
Can't remember where I bought it. Brand is 'Gingerbread'. That makes it even better in my book. And today it does sport a cute little button my sister bought me here.


A said...

I wish the people in my bank wore jackets like that!

Megan: The Byron Life said...

cute jacket!
Oh, I know that feeling, zombie-fied. Perfect description. It's a wonder we get anything done at all when we are like that, never mind work.

Monique said...

My littlies are atrocious end of the week sleepers when i have to go to work and i always feel terrible when I arrive after being up with them all night. But if I had a jacket like that I am sure I would have a spring in my step!

meet me at mikes said...

Dear Tiny,

We need to talk.

I know that the whole staying-up-late-partying-like-it's-1999 seems like a great idea to you.

I know that the whole having-yo-mama-all-to-yo-self scheme feels like it's playing out nicely...

I know that it all seems totes coochy-coo at yours. But Tiny... I've got one word to say to you....


Okay. It's two. But that is what my mum used to call me when I was annoying her. It cut to the bone, truly it did... and even though yo mamma is sleeping soundly now... she's totes capable of pulling the whole Face-Ache thingy on you.

Spare yourself, Tiny. Don't be a face-ache like me. It's SO NOT WORTH IT.

xx pip

HONEST TO GOD - word verification - BRATALLY.... oh Tiny-darling... even the internetty-powers-that-be know it is SO wrong to mess with yo mamma!

Bird Bath said...

oh a jacket like that has to brighten up the day! So wonderful. Hope you have an easier night tonight.

Leni and Rose said...

That jacket is absolutely amazing and I love it!

CurlyPops said...

I'm in love with your cool candystripe jacket!

Home Girl said...

hot jacket! could find a lot of ways to slip that little baby into my wardrobe. major jacket envy.

that middle of the night child jazziness is the worst kind of torture. regular trick round here.

i'm struggling with my MM offering too. this morning sickness has stolen my march mojo. am still keeping my eye out for something to celebrate xx

Cass said...

Can't go wrong with that jacket it is awesome. Hopefully you get a goodnight sleep tonight

drollgirl said...

i could not make that jacket work, but i know you are more stylish and cool and clever than me if you can!!!! i am trying harder to wear prints! it is going to be a long process! hahahahahahah

Cindy said...

I hope at least you got ot find a few magical dreams miss, rest up.