Saturday, 27 March 2010

Getting Stuffed

Today I had the incredible idea that I would make the smalls a bunny each for Easter. I'd been looking on the internet for colouring-in stencils for kids, and stumbled across the perfect bunny to stitch.

So here is my prototype. Pretty darn wonky, but the Doctor already lays claim to him.

Ignore the dishevelled ear. Ignore the pure wonkiness and uneveness. He could be cute. If you squint your eyes really tight. He could be. And we could be heroes.

The funniest thing is, my mother-in-law misheard me and thought I was making our real-life rabbit a stuffed bunny.. I mean I have done some kooky things, but.. well, I don't even adore the real-life rabbit. He ate my handbag for goodness sakes. He ate my favourite handbag. My handbag that even had its own name (Keith Richards). And the damn rabbit ate it. He's not getting anything from his mate at Easter. Nothin'.


Knicky Knacks said...

I say 'at least you are having a crack' and let me tell you, a far better rabbit than anything I could sew. I have that many stuffed toys with torn ears and arms that are still waiting to be fixed. Your rabbit has loads of character! Love it.

Miss Muggins said...

It's time to move on Lexi!Trust me you will miss him when he is gone, no matter how naughty he is.
The stuffed bunny is cute, and far less destructive to boot!

Christina said...

The bunny is awesome! I think if you stuffed him some more most of those wrinkles would disappear. That's what I did with my first softies, understuffed. You won't believe how much stuffing those little blighters can take.

And should it be made legal to keep bunnies in QLD I would gladly take bunny of your hands, while hiding all my handbags of course. I do so want a bunny but don't want the bunny cops turning up and taking my bunny away. :)

teddybearswednesday said...

I LOVE your bunny!! I love his wonkys and I love him understuffed. He is PERFECT.
Plus Doctors already claimed him, but more proof to you need.

katiecrackernuts said...

Maybe you should stuff the real bunny into the cloth one. Could be like a bunny straight jacket.

Now, onto other things ... where did you get those specs?

flossy-p said...

I like your prototype bunny's butt!

The other bunny, you should spank his butt for eating your BAG!!!!