Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Rated R

I watched a show the other night. Actually, I will correct that. I happened to catch part of a show the other night about labia-plasty. It was ABC's 'HUNGRY BEAST'.

Anyway, it was all about how the soft porn industry has to regulate the look of the vulva to meet the standards of the classification board. So what if your labia doesn't meet the standards of the board? You get treated to digital labiaplasty.

You may be wondering why I am concerned about the regulation of the soft porn industry, and truth be, I'm not. But I am concerned about the fact that women are being told another body part must conform, or they should think about getting surgery. And from here I am guessing that this is only going to snowball to become a bigger and bigger issue.

You can read the blog post from Hungry Beast here.

You can read an article from SMH about the growth industry that is designer vaginas here.
Images of crass jackets made from blow up dolls by Sander Reijgers.


Melbourne Vintage said...

I think this is outrageous - I think the standards to show female body parts on TV only if they look like the parts of a 10 year old? How is that even possible. I hear some people in America have created a blog with "real bits" and what they look like - good on them!

Toni Brockliss said...

You should hear Ben get fired up at tampon and maxi pad commercials or hair colours or weight ads.
He is going to be such a great Dad for Audrey because he said women have so much pressure to be perfect and feel ashamed if they aren't.
We need more people like Ben on the board, because then there wouldn't be one to begin with.
Blinking ridiculous.

Bianca said...

Let it all hang out I say!!

Sarah said...


I am speechless...

Home Girl said...

Juicy post PMM! Really enjoyed reading your post then following up the discussion on the hungry beast blog. Such a revelation. Very disturbing but good to know the issue is out in the open. I love the way you blog about little quirky things one day then heavy weight thought provokers the next, like the change in focus happening, mixing it up love it xx

Mrs Charlie said...

That is disgusting. How can they get away with this to begin with? It's very upsetting.