frocktober 2016

frocktober 2016

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sneak Preview: Calico + Ivy

I've been lucky enough to spend some time watching my sister work away tirelessly for months pulling together Sydney's own Calico + Ivy store. It's been a delight to watch, and it's most certainly one of those places you could happily spend at least a couple of hours. It's that beautiful. So much to look at, so many beautiful pieces, and so meticulously curated. It's an inspiration haven.
Even if you're not crafty you'll love the array of hand-made and even vintage pieces that Sarah and Deb have collected. Perhaps I'll become crafty-by-osmosis.
The new Calico + Ivy opens on Monday at 10am.
Calico + Ivy
10 Birchgrove Road
P: 02 9555 9909
Mon - Sat 10:00am - 5:00pm


Keshia said...

right, its decided, I'm packing up and moving to Sydney!

(any room for a bed in that shop??)

Two Tuesdays said...

I want to go, yes please. Or maybe I could work there and they could pay me in fabric scraps?

Jaclyn said...

be there or be square - amazing, can't wait to check it out and high five to your sis for all her hard work.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

It looks glorious! and just around the corner from my grandmas old house, which is close to my mums. Next time I am in syd I am going there for sure!

JoeyNomad said...

Too good. I literally started drooling.

pepper said...

oh my goodness. how lovely. I want it. gosh darn drat, with me just bloody leaving. do you think your sister would open a store in brisbane? I will work there for shizzle.

handmade romance said...

it looks wonderful! love the rugs in the second last pic...

Michelle said...

Oh my what a gorgeous store! Your sister is very talented!

Here's cheers to a successful venture.

Catherine said...

best wishes to your sister - it is so beautiful!

Running Thread said...

Stop it with those Calico and Ivy pics. I'll have to move to Sydney

Kylie said...

It looks fantastic - good luck to yur sister - I am heading down for a visit in March:)