Sunday, 20 November 2011


I watched this clip with Matt and couldn't take my eyes away. Seriously spell-binding and amazeballs and totes ridonkulous manouevres. Check it out b-girls!

How insane is that?

In other news, I'm sick again. That's not rad is it? I am so super flipping sick of being sick. So I've been lying low all weekend, and I mean that, I've been getting horizontal on the couch for most of it. Poor smalls must be so bored of me.

What's news for you?


Michelle said...

That is beautiful

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

woman, there is NOTHING worse than being sick, especially after you have already been sick... like a lot. We have been the same, it's balls (not amazeballs).

but lets honest, balls are great. so funny, those balls.

xo em

mama bear said...

I've totally lost my train of thought after Em's comment...

Rad! Loved the video (and the song... is that wrong?)

I can't believe you're sick again. Hope you get well soon lady. xx

small catalogue said...

I think 2011 needs a big sick kiss-off from you PMM! Hope you're feeling super fine super quick x