Thursday, 10 October 2013

Day 10:: Frocktober - A Cool Lee Mathews Frock

It's so piping hot in Sydney today. Trust me. 

Which is why this morning I pulled this awesome cool blue Lee Mathews frock out of my wardrobe. I bought it at the end of last Summer and have only worn it a few times, so couldn't wait to get it on again. Plus it has pockets, and any frock with pockets is a friend of mine. 

Tiny took my photos again today - and made me pose. Hence I look like a dodgy 70s model. 

MASSIVE thanks to all of my sponsors - you are, each and every one of you, so awesome. I've reached $3,105 - all going to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to help find an early detection test for ovarian cancer.

You can still sponsor me here! 

And since I reached $3,000 yesterday - tomorrow I go to work rockabilly style, so I better go sort out some fake tatts, stat. 

Dress: Lee Mathews
Sandals: Country Road
Necklace: From Collette
Bangles: An assortment of Dinosaur Designs, Jamin Puech and vintage

1 comment:

ClaireyHewitt said...

You have sunshine. Dresses and sunshine are a perfect match. Melbourne is making frocktober rather difficult.