Friday, 11 October 2013

Day 11:: Frocktober - Frockabilly - I'm A MotherFrocker

To celebrate reaching $3,000 (and beyond!), I promised I'd go rockabilly. After watching many tutorials (hair, make-up, and clothes), here's where it's at. 

This is me, a real MotherFrocking Frockabilly. 

If this doesn't motivate you to donate, I don't know what will. All money goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. It effects you, me and everyone I know. We're all women!


Dress: Custom made
Wedges: Country Road
Earrings: From Collette
Flower: Made once upon a time by the ever awesome Nan of Rummage fame


Corinne said...

Love that look! x

Knorts said...

this is truly amazing!

Emily @ The Beetle Shack said...

As always you are Rocking Frocking Lexi!

Nice work.

xo em

Sam Stone @ A Life on Venus said...

LOVE that dress Lexi. My fav I think.

Frock This Town said...

Excellent effort! Such great colours.