Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Day 9:: Frocktober - Dress or Top? Neither. It's A Frock.

Whoa Nelly! Today it's official - I went short and I can not move my arms very much for fear of flashing the world. 

I haven't worn this dress for a long time. For fear of flashing the world. But it's so cute, and I love the print and the cut of its jib.

Just think of me today, I can't move much and refuse to go out for lunch - for fear of flashing the world. It's day 9 people. It's going to be a long day.

Dress: Gorman
Shoes: Habbot
Earrings: a gift from my sister
Tights: Country Road
Slip that is peeking out: Nancy Ganz (honestly it is)


Amanda Brown said...

You look gorgeous.....and the world should be so lucky if it got flashed by you :)

Robyn said...

touch the roof Lexi ! .... Last month, I wore a short dress, flirted with a man, he flirted back... Hot Hot HOt! THEN found out he is with child etc. Next, I yelled at him for being a dickwad. And then I stopped my man-rage, checked my nasty naggy behaviour and fell out of the bar and into a cab. The trouble associated with a short Gorman dress.....