Sunday, 27 October 2013

Day 27:: Frocktober - Princess Leia?

Usually on Sundays I like to hang out with my Star Wars friends. *ahem* I'm always chatting about Darth Vader, Hans Solo, Jabba, Yoda, oh the whole gang really. Which is why it was fitting to have a photo with these two fine fellows today.

Am I the modern day Princess Leia? 

Gosh. I hope so. 

As a tribute, I fixed my hair when I got home. Better?

This frock is a really light cotton, featuring beautiful lace inserts. Toss it on and you have yourself a really great frock for Summer, a style that's a little bit Victorian, and a whole lot of awesome. 

Dress: Tilly by Lee Mathews
Shoes: Converse
Bangles: Gifts from beautiful friends and family

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Sam Stone @ A Life on Venus said...

You are a beautiful Princess Leia :)