Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Looking For Some Frocking Inspiration?

After some inspiration to get your frock on? I've got three frocks that are just the ticket this summer to keep cool and look even cooler. I've actually got more than three directions to point you in, but these are three that I am really digging right this minute. 

1. Nancybird Ariel dress - Geo Tile $198:: Not only do I adore the muted jewel tones of this dress, but the print is as ornate as those incredible Moroccan tiles, and it's silk crepe - which in my book, is perfect for Summer. Plus I love the cut - A-lines are my friend, and the way it drapes just so at the sides - sigh, it's pretty near perfect. Belt it or leave it loose, whichever way this dress is great to go from work to drinks with just a change of shoes. 

2. Little Tienda Senora Las Flores $119:: Remember those bone achingly hot Summer days? The days when - let's be honest, you'd rather be swanning around home naked than even thinking about putting clothes on? Well let's be honest again. My house has windows. And unfortunately so do my neighbours. Which means I can not swan around naked. It's a sad state of affairs, but if I have to wear something, then let it be this crisp cotton hand embroidered dress. Again - belt it or leave it loose, whichever way you wear it, it's going to be awesome.

3. Gorman Candy Prison Dress $149:: I'd love to be in a Candy Prison because I would just eat my way out of it. What I don't want to eat my way out of is this dress. In case you hadn't noticed, I like loose fitting clothing. I can't bear anything fitted in Summer. It's jersey too, so it's pretty much like wearing a big t-shirt. And for me, that's almost heavenly. 

Inspired to get your frock on? 

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