Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tiny Style Tips:: Tiny Legs

It's that time again. Time for Tiny Style Tips.

Want fashion in a snap?

Want customised fashion in a snap?

Want couture colouring-in fashion at next to nix?

Lo and behold - colourful legs. Yes. The girl's got talent. Not content with just a couple of lines, or getting ladders in your stockings? Go for the full-colour-leg-colour-in. That old chestnut.

Who needs tights when you can just colour your legs in?

No more ladders, Tiny presents the full-colour-leg-colour-in.

Highly recommended. Change your colour when your mood changes. Tiny rates them 5 stars.


shine little light* said...

hiiiiiiiilarious! *s*

The Beetle Shack said...

Oh my goodness, my toddler demonstrates similar fashion prowess. Clearly they are advanced. clearly.

xo em

Knit Witch said...

Tights drive me nuts! Twisting, laddering, holing up. Thank you Tiny for offering such a fun alternative!

Joni Llanora said...


small catalogue said...

Puts watercolour leggings to shame really doesn't it? Tres chic