Monday, 25 February 2013

Oscars 2013:: The Tuxedos

Let's get the men over and done with - because, it's totes my least favourite part of the show. I mean it's a black suit. Blah blah blah. Here are three of the best. Fast forward the rest. 
Oh Jason Schwartzman. If only you were two feet taller. You look so dashing, even the moustache is working for you. I know right! And the side-part, phwoar. You look sharp.

Edit:: He's 1.68m.
Eddie Redmayne shows them how it's done.Except for the velvet slippers. No. No. No. Too casual. Too contrived. Should have gone for patent leather with shoelaces. 

Edit:: He's 1.8m.

Oh my lucky stars - now Eddie - take note of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's shoes. And to see him singing AND dancing today. Sigh. I'm just going to have to google how tall you to see if you can be my celebrity crush. 

Edit:: He's 1.78m, for the record.


Small Catalogue said...

Lexi, I could be wrong - but my few years boarding school in Scotland may have taught me that Prince Albert Slippers (aka a velvet monogrammed loafer) is, in fact, entirely correct when wearing black tie at a formal engagement - though not when at a club that you don't belong to or some such (I have forgotten if the monogram is personal or of the club???). Though, he ought to be wearing a cummerbund, you know, us ladies don't wish to be offended by seeing that waist band! Horrific.

Mrs Sabbatical said...

Eddie - Oh my slippers or not, gosh he is rather lovely *old lady pervy sigh*. though he is just too cool for school, probably some Burberry freebies ; ) x

Milina said...

Oh Eddie, how I love thee